On Trails in 2024

In 2024 I convert meters of altitude,
instead of kilometers into donations!

18. Juni 2024

So,… the 2nd act for this year is done, another 5,500 vertical meters in the bag, a monster conquered, by far the most strenuous thing I’ve done in one day so far, etc… ⛰️🏃🏽🏃🏽‍♀️🙌❤️ …the Zugspitz Ultratrail 2024. @zugspitz_ultratrail

Thank you so much for your support!
I couldn’t answer all the likes by far, but everyone was extremely helpful. ☺️🙌❤️
As I said, in 2024 I will convert the altitude meters I have run in the competitions into donations. As it will be around 25,000 meters in total, I will use a conversion rate of 10 cents and hope to be able to support the German Children’s Hospice Foundation and the Clown Doctors.
The next event will be the Walser Trail Challenge Pro at the end of July.
Stay tuned 🙌❤️

22. April 2024

So… the first competition is done, the first Ultra Trail in 2024 has been run, the first 2,700 meters of altitude are in the bag, etc… 😉🏔️🙌❤️
In 2024, I convert the altitude meters I have run in the competitions into donations. Since it will be around 25,000 meters in total, I will use a conversion rate of 10 cents and hope to be able to support the #DeutscheKinderhospizstiftung and the @clowndoktoren.
My next run will be the Zugspitz Ultra Trail (106KM, 5,500hm) in June. Stay tuned 🤙🙌❤️

Marios Heart Run

My heart run through Germany is done (see here) but the project goes on and on. 

I continuously convert every kilometer I run, cycle, swim or play soccer into donations! 

In everyday life I take the conversion factor 0,10 € / KM but there are always events, actions, challenges where I would like to involve as many people as possible. 

The organizations have remained (see here) the same and some are added every now and then.

In the social networks (see Insta/FB) you can find the actions of the last time.

Join in, talk about it, share it! Every impulse can help. 


Doros & Marios Heart Run Challenge

We got through the winter sporting and doing something good. 100 runs in 100 days with a total of 22 runners. 12 runners have made it. The reward was a 25€ donation each from me to my heart run project. However, everyone donated something in addition, so that in total more than 3,000 € have come together 🙌❤️🏃🏽🏃‍♀️

My donations via the vmware Foundation to the German Children’s Hospice Foundation and the Clown Doctors e.V. (250€ each) were TRIPLED by vmware. This is a part of the VMware EPIC2 values. ❤️

The project was called Doros & Marios Herzlauf Challenge and we all connected via Strava. Thanks to all runners & donors
And it goes on… Stay tuned.


100 days – 100 runs 

1.11.2022 until 8.2.2023 

Every run with min. 30 minutes counts.

Between the runs must be at least half an hour. Say, run to coffee & cake and then the second run back home 😉 

And here it comes: 

We make it “Doros & Marios Heart Run Challenge” 🙌❤️🏃🏽🏃🏽

I convert every KM into a donation and add €25 on top for everyone who completes the challenge. 

We track and connect via Strava and have a challenging winter together. 

You are of course welcome to convert KM into donations yourself. The donations will go to the organizations of Mario’s Heart Run (see non-profit orgs.) and/or a great idea will be added.

My heart run is a



A Fundraising Race

Running a heart through Germany because societal needs are many and varied. 

No matter if children, elderly people or people in an area of crisis, there are many hot spots that need our attention. My intention is to influence something greater than myself, do a good thing, and support some organizations and people who are helping children, seniors, needy people in an area of crisis, institutes for cancer research, and more. All this in addition to a sportive challenge which will be worth the hurt.
I wanted to have this fundraising race as a new life experience and I have to say, it has worked out already.

The plan was to do it in May 2020 but due to COVID-19 I have to postpone it to May 2021.

Now I’ll make the project even bigger! I’ll donate 0,25€ per kilometer I train till May 2021!

During my Heart Run thru Germany I’ll donate 1€ per kilometer I run and hope that some others do almost the same!


Two good friends of mine confirmed, after some minutes listening to my idea, a 1€ per kilometer donation each,
thereby already tripling my own donations!

Why me?

If I don’t try it, I won’t know if I can do it. I know that my family is safe and healthy, my children are going to school and kindergarten.

Many thanks on that point to my lovely wife for taking care, watching the boys and handling all their soccer, swimming, and other activities alone for such a long time.

Running Route:


The start and finish line will be at my home (Wittelsberg, Ebsdorfergrund, Hess) and the track thru Germany is supposed to look like a heart to symbolize the reason I am undertaking this endeavor. The track is approx. 2.000 to 2.500 km long, which I plan to run in 31 days in May 2021 (70-80 km per day / appr. 8-11 hours running per day).

And I’ll run with a Chariot Sport One baby jogger, provided by ‘Thule Group’ which was organized and requested by a business partner of mine. With a fantastic support for preparation I already want to thank my physical therapist and friend, Martin Müller, who is organizing so many things and my “virtual-coach”, Adrian Gulz.

I’m dying to start!


As I don’t want to be the liaison who handles the donations, my fellows from vGive e.V., our VMware Germany charitable society,
are helping me and will be the pool for donations.
With the reference code (MariosHerzlauf or MariosHeartRun) you can make your donations here:

IBAN DE26 7016 9466 0000 2861 09

Raiffeisenbank München-Süd (BIC GENODEF1MO3)

Account holder is vGive e.V.

or via paypal

Please enter “Marios Herzlauf” as purpose for use



VMware, Inc.


Many thanks to my employer, VMware, Inc., who is giving me the opportunity for such a life experience with accepting my vacation request for May 2021 and inspiring me every day to do something positive in the world.

Just check out https://www.vmware.com/company/sustainability.html
and find out how positive the impact of VMware technology is for the world and how VMware is supporting its people and communities with its Citizen Philanthropy approach to giving.

Through VMware Foundation programs, VMware people around the world – like me – can have our charitable contributions of time, talent, and resources amplified by VMware. For example, through „Service Learning“ every VMware employee has the possibility to spend 40 hours, taken from their working hours, per year to serve with and learn from any charity organizations of their choice. Service Learning can range from things like refurbishing a playground for an orphanage or helping with gardening, helping in soup kitchens, separating clothing donations for refugees, and many things more. To further amplify our service, if an employee reaches the target of 40 hours, he/she becomes eligible to direct a $628.31 donation from VMware to their nonprofit of choice. We call these “Citizen Philanthropy Investments.” Which I think is a great move.

I have been a Citizen Philanthropist for children with VMware since 2014 and did several activities with the Munich Orphanage and “Kids for Live e.V.” in Munich / Unterhaching together with vGive e.V. and colleagues.

Do you like it?

If you like my idea of making a difference and helping some charitable institutions you can find me on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing and Twitter.

Many thanks & kind regards